Butterflies valley

Butterfly valley

Butterflies valley is located on west-side Paros, between Parikia and Aliki. It is a place with trees and intent vegetation.  It is  near the “Monastery of Christos  Dasos” (or Agios Arsenios ).

This place is well known as  « Petaloudes (from a Greek translation) or Valley of the Butterflies» , an idyllic landscape of dense vegetation and abundant running water, a unique monument of Natural beauty.

It is the ideal place to relax  in the shadow of big perennial trees. The area is a small park with paths and steps, so making your way around is rather easy. The park has entrance fees and it  is open from June to September from 9AM to 8PM .

Archaeological Museum of Paros

The archaeological museum  of Paros is in the central of the town, a few meters from the port.

There are sculptures, pottery, architectural parts, urns  and Roman mosaic floor  from Neolithic period to  early Christianity.

The important exhibits of the museum include marble statue of Gorgon,
two marble relief plates,
colossal marble statue of Artemis,
marble Ionic capital dating from the 6th century BC,
memorial of Achilochus,
neolithic figurine of a woman sitting with crossed legs with her hands under her chest,
marble statue of a kore with chiton.

It is considered a must see for visitors of the island.
It is opened every day except Monday from 08:00 to 15:00.

Panagia Ekatontapyliani

Panagia Ekatontapyliani is the most majestic church on Paros, because of its size and history.  It is located in Parikia , a few meters from the port.

There are many legends about this church in Christian Orthodox tradition. One of them is about its  architect. According to the story the church was made from architects who design the church of Agia  Sofia  in Istanbul. Consequently, they used the same rhythm. One of the oldest baptistery and other religious monuments are preserved here.

It is the metropolis of Parikia. The most popular celebration happens here in 15th of August, in honor of virgin Mary. The festival includes parades, ship parades, fireworks, traditional music and dancing.