Butterflies valley

Butterfly valley

Butterflies valley is located on west-side Paros, between Parikia and Aliki. It is a place with trees and intent vegetation.  It is  near the “Monastery of Christos  Dasos” (or Agios Arsenios ).

This place is well known as  « Petaloudes (from a Greek translation) or Valley of the Butterflies» , an idyllic landscape of dense vegetation and abundant running water, a unique monument of Natural beauty.

It is the ideal place to relax  in the shadow of big perennial trees. The area is a small park with paths and steps, so making your way around is rather easy. The park has entrance fees and it  is open from June to September from 9AM to 8PM .

Cave of Antiparos

The cave of Antiparos is situated on the southeastern side of the island, on the hill of Agios loannis at the height of 177 metres above sea level and is well known all over the world as possibly the oldest cave in Greece. The cave is very extensive, and extends at several levels. It is is precipitous, and its interior temperature in wintertime is at about 15 degrees Celsius. It has an area of approximately 5,600 square metres. Its maximum depth reaches some 85 metres and the descent takes place easily and securely, by way of a cement staircase made up of 411 steps. It is full of stalactites and stalagmites.

Useful info

  • The Cave is open for visits from April through October, its opening hours from 10:00 to 18:00. In winter months visits may be made upon arrangement with the Municipality of Antiparos.
  • The admission ticket costs 5.00 euros. There is a 50% discount for children and those over 65 (2.50 euros).
  • Contact KEDA at tel 22840 28314.