Paros beaches

Paros beaches

Paros beaches category includes information, maps and photos about beaches on Paros and Antiparos island. All beaches are under this category but they are also tagged to other places , according to the distance or other criteria.

First of all, Paros is famous for its numerous, various and beautiful beaches. The coastline extends smoothly and encloses beaches for all interests. North western side of Paros , between Parikia and Naousa, is the only part of the island that consists of huge cliffs. The other part of the island is full of beaches. We can measure them to thirty five but I am sure there are more .

There are small lonely beaches for those who prefer relaxing quietly next to the sea. Therefore , there are long and cosmopolitan beaches which attract many people . Moreover, visitors can find many things to do as sea sports clubs have established their businesses next to the beaches. Finally , there are cafes and restaurants near most of the beaches, so you could find a sunbed and an umbrella.

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