Logaras beach

Logaras beach

First of all, Logaras beach is on the eastern side of Paros island, very close to Piso Livadi and Marpissa village. It is a wonderful seaside resort with hotels and  local fish taverns.

Moreover, the beach is sandy with sea pines. Also, some water sport  activities are taking place here.

Finally, it is ideal for relaxing  and getting launch next to the sea, enjoying an amazing view to Naxos island.

Pounda surfing beach

Pounda surfing beach is on the western side of Paros island. It is after the Pounda port to Antiparos island.

Its length is 500 meters, and there are sea sports facilities alongside the beach. Actually. it is the biggest sea sport area on Paros. They provide equipment and courses for all ages, for wind-surfing, kite-surfing, diving and others.

It is accessible by car and there is parking area. The bus stops at Pounda port, about 1 km.



Punda beach

Punda Beach

First of all, Punda beach is on the eastern side of Paros island. It is next to Logaras beach and near Piso Livadi.

Because it is sandy inside and outside the sea, many people prefer to relax here. Sunbeds and umbrellas exist at an organised part of it. Actually, it is very cosmopolitan and famous for the most fantastic beach club on Paros. People can really enjoy drinks , loud music and extreme sport.

To conclude, there are frequent bus routes to Punda beach from Parikia and Naoussa village.

Aliki beach

Aliki beach

Aliki beach is in the homonym village. It is sandy inside and outside the beach.

It is surrounded bu taverns , restaurants and cafes. Shops provide you sunbeds and umbrellas for relaxing time. Of course there are market shops. Also , there is a playground near it.

The bus stops exactly here.Free parking area is a few meters away.

New Golden beach

Punda Beach

New Golden beach is located on Mesada, on the southeastern side of Paros. It is between Marpissa and Drios, and encloses nice beaches. Because of the land morphology , this beach is windless from north and south.

There are sunbeds and umbrellas to relax and enjoy the sea.

Besides, there is a surf club , which offers equipment and services about kite surfing, diving and mountain biking.

Golden beach

Golden beach

Golden beach is on the south-eastern side of Paros, before Drios village. It is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches on Paros. The name comes from its clear sand.

Its length is about 900 meters  and part of it is organised with umbrellas and sunbeds.

Also, there are restaurants and cafes alongside the beach. A shop provides equipment and courses of various kind of surfing, such as kayak, wind-surfing, kite-surfing and others.

Golden beach



Drios beach

Drios beach

Drios beach is located on the southern side of Paros, in Drios settlement. it is 100 meters from the center of Drios.

Parts of the beach are sandy, while others are with pebbles and small stones.

There is a small sidewalk alongside the beach, with restaurants and cafes. This place is ideal for quiet vacation. Also, a bar is open until late night, with relaxing music.

There is a bus route to Drios settlement , and free parking area a few meters from the beach

Drios beach

Lolantonis beach

Lolantonis beach

Lolantonis beach is located on the southern side of Paros, close to Aspro Chorio village.

It is about 1,5 km from Aspro Chorio and accessible by car. There is a small parking area near the beach. It is sandy and there are a few sea trees.

Moreover, there is a restaurant for those who like to launch next to the sea.

Glyfa beach

Glyfa beach

Glyfa beach is located on the southern side of Paros, near Aspro Chorio village.

There is a restaurant and a mini bar in case you like to have food and drinks. Moreover, there are a few sea trees alongside the sandy beach.

It is 500 meters from the central street and is accessible by car. There is also a parking area near the beach

Glyfa beach

Tripiti beach

Tripiti beach

Tripiti beach is located on the southern side of Paros, between Aliki and Aspro Chorio village. Its name comes from the mountain next to it. A small part of rocks separate it from Glyfa beach.

It is not organised beach but  is sandy  and there are a few sea trees.  So it is suitable for those who like to enjoy the sea lonely, and windless because of the usual north wind in summer time.

It is accessible by cars and there is a small space for parking cars next to the beach. The beach is 750 meters from central street.



Boudaraki beach

Boudaraki beach

Boudaraki beach is located in Paros bay, on the southern side of Parikia. It is on the right part of Parikia as you look the village from sea.Its length is 180 meters

This sandy beach is next to a cove , under a windmill which is open as a cafe, and the hill of Agia Anna.

Visitors can enjoy the fantastic view of Parikia’s port. Alongside the beach there are restaurants and bars. A free parking area is near it.


Agia Irini – Palm beach

Palm beach

Agia Irini  beach is located in the homonym  bay, on western side of Paros. Its name comes from a chapel next to the beach.

The beach is separated in two parts by land. The northern part is sandy with sea trees alongside. While the southern part is called palm beach, from the palm trees which surround the sandy beach.

Moreover, a restaurant and a beach bar are there  to provide  you food and drinks on the beach. The camping enthusiasts will find an organised place to set up their tent.

It is accessible by car and 800 meters from central street. Two roads leads to these beaches.

Faragas beach

Faragas beach

Faragas beach is located on southern Paros, a few kilometers from Aliki village.

It is very cosmopolitan because of its sand inside and outside the sea, and clear sea. There is a cafe bar next it. It is also sheltered from north wind. Its length is about 400 meters and  there are some sea sport activities.

Parking area is available close to the beach.


Votsalakia beach

Votsalakia beach

Votsalakia beach is located on southern Paros, near Aliki village and its length is 300 meters. Its name comes from the Greek word pebbles.

This beach is full of pebbles but  inside it is sandy.Also, there are sea trees alongside.  A restaurant at the edge of the coast offers launch and dinner.

Votsalakia beach is easily accessible by car and there is free parking area. It’s 650 meters away from the center of Aliki, where the bus stops.

Agios Nikolaos beach

Agios Nikolaos beach is at the entrance to Aliki village and its length is 300 meters. It is located on southern Paros.

It is sandy and there are small sea trees alongside. There are cafes and restaurants.

It is easily accessible as it is next to the central street and there is free parking area.


Voutakos beach

Voutakos beach

Voutakos beach is located on the southern Paros. Its length is about 800 meters and is separated in two or three parts. Also, there is a cove here.

It is suitable for those who like lonely beaches and it is sheltered from the north wind. There are also yachts for daily tours.

It is accessible by cars, and  is about 1 km from central street. The closest village is Aliki, about 3 km.

Parasporos beach

Parasporos beach is on the western side of Paros, about 4 kilometers away from Parikia. Going there by bus is 5 minutes and 30 minutes on foot.

There is one beach bar restaurant and one beach club for every visitor taste. They provide umbrellas and sunbeds. Also, you may find a volleyball beach ground.

The sand is spread over a large part of the beach, with several scattered sea trees.



Souvlia beach

Souvlia beach is only two kilometers from Parikia, on the southern side of Parikia’s bay . Entrance of the bay is a wonderful view from here. It is sandy inside and outside the sea.

Its name is also Delfini beach because of restaurants and beach bars names.It is easily accessible by bus or on foot.

Livadia Beach

Livadia beach is only 600 meters from the port in Parikia.  Its length is 650 meters. There are umbrellas and sunbeds on parts of the beach.

On the first part of the beach, there are restaurants , bars and mini markets. On the other side, there is a beach volleyball ground. Also, water sports activities, such as sea balloons, are suitable for children and sailing tours for all ages.

A little bit further, there is a beach club.


Marcello and Krios beach

Marcelo and Krios  is in the bay of Parikia, 4 km from the town. Its length is about 1 km and is very cosmopolitan especially in July and August.

Part of the beach is organised with sunbeds and umbrellas. You can enjoy the sea with sipping drinks and eating foods  in a beach bar next to the beach.  The sea is clean and beautiful colored.

You can go there by car (11 minutes), on foot ( 40 minutes) and by boat from the port of Paros (10 minutes).

Agios Fokas beach

Paros bay is full of beautiful beaches. At the edge of its cape , you can find a lonely beach “Agios Fokas”.

Its name comes  from a  chapel near the beach. There is also an old  traffic sea light.

Agios Fokas is 4,6 km away from Parikia if you go on foot and 5,3 in case you choose a vehicle. Another option of going there is by boat from the port of Paros, which leaves you 1,5 km before the beach.