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Paros Greece Cyclades

Parograph travel guide includes information, maps and photos about Paros and Antiparos island . It comprises details about every noteworthy place on those two islands.


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Paros island

First of all, Paros is a Greek island in the central Aegean sea. One of the Cyclades island group. It lies to the west of Naxos and to the east of Antiparos. Historically, Paros was famous for the white marble, but today it is primarily a popular tourist spot. Tourists prefer Paros, because of the various ways of living especially in summer.

Due to the smooth topography, many beaches spread along the coastline. Visitors are able to choose from a large variety of beaches.

Moreover, most of the villages maintain the traditional style, with white houses and narrow streets. This cycladic architecture shows the passage of the Venetians, who mainly influenced the architecture of the Cyclades island group. Also, there are intensely historical findings and data of life of the ancient Greeks, with a rich cultural heritage.

Adventure has become trend on Paros. Specialists of sea sports will teach you all kind of sport activities. Other available sports are hiking, cycling, horse riding, tennis, football……

Furthermore, enthusiasts of art are going to find many interesting exhibitions and art galleries especially inside the old villages.
Finally, natural beauty is not lacking from Paros. Butterflies valley, the cave of Antiparos and other natural parks enrich our environment.